The Betty White Challenge

The Betty White Challenge has been a breath of fresh air! What a wonderful event!!
When we heard of the Betty White Challenge, we thought there was a chance we might pull in a few dollars to help our efforts. However, when the 17th arrived, we were in awe! That day set a record for Franklin Animal Shelter single day donations! We accepted 80 donations specifically designated for this one cause on the 17th. Never have we ever experienced such a massive single day response to an event… of any kind. To date we have received $7,360  and the donations continue to roll in. THANK YOU!!
Betty White was a tremendous advocate for animals of every kind. To have an event of this scale, this magnitude, stretching across the nation speaks to the impact she had on the humane treatment of animals. We are truly honored to be one of thousands of beneficiaries of this effort. We could not be more happy or more proud to carry Betty White’s message forward into our supporting community. We are hoping to turn this into an annual event so that Betty White’s message does not get lost over time.

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Franklin Animal Shelter