Introducing Bubs: Your Energetic Beagle Adventure Buddy!

Hey there, I’m Bubs, a lively 1-year 9-month-old boy. I’ve been neutered and am up-to-date on all my vaccines. My previous owners adored me, but they knew I needed more excitement in my life, and boy, were they right! Life with me is a blast!

With Bubs around, there’s never a dull moment. I’m a curious little guy, always eager to be a part of everything you do. I’m a true adventurer at heart.

If you’re an active person who loves hiking, hunting, scent work, or agility,  I’m also a huge fan of car rides – they’re a blast! Dog parks? Count me in! And a secure yard where I can run to my heart’s content? That’s a dream come true! I’m a real people-dog, and I get along great with other pups. Cats are okay, but I might playfully chase them.

I do what beagles do best. Let me tell you about the “snoopy roll.” It’s my way of leaving my scent behind, kind of like marking my territory and keeping track of where I’ve been. Neat, right? I’ve got a knack for digging, too. I can reach the next county in about 4 seconds flat – it’s a beagle thing. Just a word of warning, though: you’ll want to keep an eye on me. My nose can get the best of me, and I can find myself in a bit of trouble if it leads me astray. But hey, who can resist my sad puppy-dog eyes? I’ve mastered the art of getting what I want with those!

If you’re ready for an active, fun-loving companion who’ll add excitement to your life, look no further. Bubs is the beagle you’ve been waiting for, click here to fill out an Adoption Application or stop by the Shelter to pay her a visit