Charlie is unrecognizable!

Charlie (aka Itchy) was brought to us in January 2023 by the Franklin Police Department, and suffering from a serious skin condition. After various tests, bloodwork, and skin biopsies, it was determined that he had a skin allergy and it took nearly three months for him to be ready for adoption.
Charlie’s new family admits he was not exactly the cat they initially had in mind when they first visited the shelter. Virtually hairless and in a onesie, he looked so fragile that they initially thought they might hurt him even by petting him! “When I gently swept my hand across his head, there was a hearty purr that I immediately adored,” said Charlie’s adopted mom. “He was only three years old but really had a tough time of it. He came in with neck wounds and mites. We could tell that his spirit was strong, and we wanted to give him a good life.”
His new family exercised patience as they waited months to bring their little boy home, as our Shelter wanted him to be in good shape before he was adopted. This required extra vet visits and close monitoring of his skin. There was no hiding or skittishness when he finally did go home with his new family. “He pranced out of his carrier like he always belonged here, and maybe he did. Our goofball has brought so much love and joy into our lives. My advice for anyone looking to adopt a pet is to keep an open mind, and more importantly, an open heart.”