Annual Appeal

The Franklin Animal Shelter’s biggest fundraiser is often our Annual Appeal campaign.  This helps us to fill in any budget shortfalls for the year and set up the Shelter to be ready to face the challenges of the new year.  Your donation will help us continue our mission of helping the abused and neglected dogs and cats of the greater Franklin area.

Immediate One Time Giving

The Shelter is always happy to receive one-time donations in all forms. Donations can be made by check and mailed to our address. Donors may make donations with a credit or debit card using the button to the left. Donations can also be made using a PayPal account for donors preferring not to use their credit or debit card.

Memorial Donations

The Shelter maintains a Memorials page. Donors may make a donation in memory of a relative, friend, or cherished pet. The donor’s memoriam will be posted on our Memorials page for six months. Memorial donations can be made through the Memorials page or here by clicking the button to the left.

Pledged Giving

A pledge is a donation made in scheduled payments over a period of time. A pledge allows a supporter the ability to make a more significant commitment than they might otherwise make in a one-time donation and spread payments over any period of time of their choice. A pledge has advantages for both the donor and the Shelter. For the donor, their commitment to the Shelter and its mission can be significant, but paid in periodic increments which fit comfortably into the donor’s budget. Pledge payments made during the year are tax-deductible just like one-time donations. The Shelter benefits through pledges in two ways. The first being the benefit of the payments made during the pledge period. More importantly, the Shelter has the benefit of having a defined future income stream which aids financial planning.