Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please reach out to us.

What is GSAL?
There may be instances where you see us referred to as Granite State Animal League (GSAL). Legally, this is our name and what is registered with the state of New Hampshire. However, we are known to the public as Franklin Animal Shelter and prefer to be known as that.

I see that New Hampshire is a no-kill state. What does that mean?
“No-kill” means being able to save animals that are healthy, treatable, and able to be rehabilitated. New Hampshire earned the no-kill accreditation because as of 2021, the state’s pet save rate was more than 92%. The current benchmark for the state of New Hampshire is 90%, allowing us to meet the no-kill criteria.

How do I become a volunteer?
The efforts of the Franklin Animal Shelter are significantly maximized with the help of volunteers, and we’re always looking for volunteers to help the staff in the mornings and evenings. We do require our volunteers to be at least 16 years old, and be able to commit to one 2-3 hour shift per week. To learn more about our current needs and volunteer responsibilities, click here.

How do I adopt an animal?
Our adoption process has been very thoughtfully put together in an effort to place our animals into the best homes possible for them. The process includes filling out an application, speaking with us about your wants/needs, a reference check, and possibly a home visit. To learn more about this process, click here.

Can I adopt a pet as a gift for someone else?
Franklin Animal Shelter does not adopt out pets as surprise gifts for someone else. Adopting an animal is a personal decision that best made by the individual(s) who will be the primary caregiver(s) for the pet. If you’re interested in helping a friend or family member adopt, please visit our Shelter with them.

How do I surrender an animal?
If your circumstances have changed and you can no longer care for your animal(s) any longer, you may fill out our Intake Form in order to surrender the animal to us. Surrenders are done by appointment-only and do require a fee. For more information, click here.

How do I report an incident of animal cruelty?
Animal cruelty comes in a range of behaviors harmful to animals, from neglect to malicious killing.  In New Hampshire there are numerous laws that protect the welfare of animals. If you suspect a case of animal cruelty, it is best to reach out to your local Animal Control unit.

Why are there animals in your Shelter that I don’t see on your website?
We are cautious to post any information about our animals until we are certain they will be fit for adoption. Each animal’s timeline is different and while many of our animals are taken in and near ready for adoption, there are some that do not respond as quickly to medical care, or need more TLC before they are adoptable. The best way to stay updated on our animals is to visit our Shelter or frequently visit our Adoptable Animals page.

What should I do if I see a stray animal?
If you find yourself in the presence of a stray animal who needs attention, it is critical that you exercise caution, as the animal may be unpredictable. If you are able to safely catch the animal, the best thing to do would bring it to the nearest animal shelter. Our stray animal intake is done by appointment only and you will be required to submit an Intake Form, so be sure to call us ahead of time to make sure we are able to accommodate the animal. If you do not feel that you can safely catch the animal, we advise that you call your local Animal Control unit for support.

What if I have questions after I adopt my new pet?
The last thing we want to do is help you with an adoption and never hear from you again. When you adopt through our Shelter, we will continue to be a resource for you even after your adoption is complete. Whether this is helping you with the transition or hearing your success story.