Fostering With Us

Open your heart and foster a furry friend! Shelter pets in our community urgently need love and support.

Our foster program provides temporary, loving homes for cats and dogs waiting for adoption. By opening your home, you’ll give a deserving animal a safe haven from the shelter and ease any overcrowding. Long-term shelter stays can have a lasting impact on pets. Foster homes can provide relief to these animals who thrive in home environments.

As a foster parent, you’ll provide food, cuddles, and playtime, all while helping them blossom and become more adoptable through structure and training. You can even choose to adopt your furry friend during your foster journey, giving them a forever home.

Ready to make a difference? Contact the Franklin Animal Shelter today at 603-934-4132 or email and learn how you can foster a cat or dog in need. Together, we can save countless lives!

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