New Shelter Manager

The Board of Directors of the Franklin Animal Shelter is pleased to announce that we have hired a new Shelter Manager to oversee operations starting in January 2022.  After reviewing various candidates, the Board has unanimously promoted Ms. Krista Hebert to the position of Shelter Manager.  Previously, Ms. Hebert was serving as Interim Shelter Manager while the search was being conducted.

Krista has always had a love for all kinds of animals. In 2017, she began her journey working in animal care as a volunteer. Months later she became a part-time employee, and eventually took the position of Animal Caregiver Supervisor at the Shelter.  During this time she became very familiar with the policies and procedures required to successfully run the Shelter, making her an ideal choice to step into the role of Shelter Manager.

She is continuing her education by taking online classes at Great Bay Community College towards a Veterinary Technician degree with a minor in nursing.  On her own time, she has studied animal behavior, dog training, cat training, pet sitting, logo design, web development, and videography.

As Interim Shelter Manager, Krista rallied the Shelter staff to help many animals when a bout of sickness went through the shelter.  After much hard work by the staff, many sick kittens were saved and will soon be ready to be sent out to their forever homes.  It is this type of dedication that made Krista the clear choice for the role of Shelter Manager.

The Shelter expects to announce soon that we will again be open to the public.  We encourage members of the community to visit us in person after we announce that we are open and give their regards and well wishes to Krista and the Shelter staff.