Spring Events Results

We had a wonderful spring at the Franklin Animal Shelter.  We got through the majority of our renovations and opened back up to the public in March.  In April we ran our Spring Silent Auction back around Easter and raised just over $1,000.  At the Franklin Community Day in May we had the live drawing of our Spring Lucky Paw Raffle, with shelter supporter Bonnie Isabelle winning the prize of $3,975!   You also may have seen some of our board members at the Franklin Transfer Station in June, where our voluntary Toll Road also made over $1000 this year.  Our annual 5K Fun Run was held over Memorial Day weekend, and our Charity Golf Tournament was held in June.  Both events did quite well this year, thanks to our participants and sponsors.  And of course, our annual Voluntary Toll Road at the Franklin Transfer Station also happened in June and benefited from some wonderful patronage.

Beyond the events we ran ourselves, several members of the community have been running some events of their own to benefit us.  The Winnipesaukee Yacht Club had their annual sailing event over Memorial Day weekend, and invited us to come to the event, where over $1000 was raised.  We also had the wonderful folks at Twelve 31 Events run a Pancakes for Puppies breakfast on June 4th, where they donated all proceeds to the Shelter.  Our shelter community is amazing!

Stay tuned for some new and different events that we are planning for the fall.  And if you want to help out or make us a beneficiary of an event of your own making, please reach out to gsalfranklin@yahoo.com and let us know.

Franklin Animal Shelter